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Tips and Tricks - Managing your To Do list

I am a great believer in To Do lists.

I have researched many apps and settled for one that I am very happy with. I can structure my activities, tag them, link them to people, emails, geography etc. I can give them start dates, due dates, alarms etc.

However, there is one shortcoming in every To Do app that I have come across and that is, while you can record the activity that you need to undertake, give it a priority and a due date, you can’t link the activity to a slot in your diary. It’s all very well having a comprehensive list of things that need to be done but if you haven’t allocated time to do them then it is my experience that many of them just end up being transferred to another date or to another do list!

I allocate specific time in my diary to complete tasks and if I have to use that slot for something else then I reallocate my 'ToDo' slot to another date. I often wonder the value of the to do app as I have to duplicate them all in my diary - but it does add quite a bit of useful information around the activity.

Allocate time to do your to dos, don’t just list them.

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