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Your Challenge


Collective QIPP programmes savings of £30bn needed


Increasing demands arising from ageing population with long-term conditions


Health and Social Care budgets complex and changing

  How the CCG QIPP Accelerator

  can help you


  • Establishes a single source of QIPP performance with health economy-wide reporting to improve visibility and accountability

  • Automates programme and project reporting free-up your time to focus on delivery


  • Improves internal capability so you are in comtrol without reliance on external agencies


  • Enables appropriate prioritisation by understanding the inter-relationships between QIPP Programme dekiverables and stratgeic and operational benefits


  • Reduces risk to QIPP delivery by identifying and litigating programme risks


CCG QIPP Accelerator

CCG QIPP Accelerator

Maximising your delivery of QIPP targets

Our Solution


Sirius Partners has developed the QIPP Accelerator to help you take control of your QIPP delivery programmes; rapidly diagnose current operational and financial performance and put in place credible plans and ensure progress.

We will show you how to:


  • Control your QIPP Programme


  • Hold organisations  to account in your local health economy for their part in delivery


  • Prioritise activities which deliver the greatest return on investment


  • Implement a real-time view of progress against plans


  • Understand where there is duplication, inefficiency and poor return-on-investment


  • Quickly and easily produce reports with accurate and up-to-date content


  • Ensure QIPP reporting is a by-product of your daily activities

        Improve visibility.  Increase accountability.  Enable delivery.                                  

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