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Sirius Partners is proud to have secured a place on the Government's Crown Commercial Service DOS3 Framework

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has announced Sirius Partners as an approved DOS 3 supplier on the Digital Marketplace, opening up numerous public sector opportunities.

The Digital Marketplace supports the Government vision of a Public Sector ‘Amazon’ meaning that Sirius Partners, as a fully compliant supplier, is able to deliver services to Government departments across the UK.

Director, Neil Stevens said: “We are extremely pleased to be selected on the UK Government’s latest iteration of DOS. We are looking forward to the new opportunities presented via the Digital Marketplace and to further expand our presence within this vital part of the UK economy.”

Sirius Partners provides a wide range of services on the DOS 3 framework including the following services:

  • Security;

  • Service Delivery;

  • Support and Operations; and

  • Testing and Auditing.


Sirius Partners is also able to provide the following Specialists:

  • Agile Coach;

  • Communications Manager;

  • Content Designer;

  • Business Analyst;

  • Cyber Security Consultant;

  • Data Architect;

  • Performance Analyst;

  • Portfolio Manager;

  • Programme Manager;

  • Quality Assurance Analyst;

  • Product Manager;

  • Service Manager;

  • Technical Architect; and 

  • Web Operations Engineer.

Sirius Partners partnered with GovData and utilised their expertise in order to tap into and realise the opportunity available through the Digital marketplace.

For more information please contact Neil Stevens on 07806 664603 or

Integrated care is the 'Holy Grail' in health and social care – 'human-centred' rather than system-centred services improve the care and wellbeing of citizens, reduce the cost of service delivery and increase productivity in the NHS and local government. Yet, there is a lack of integration across care services - interoperability between information systems remains problematic and current approaches do not fit the needs of current policy or the aspirations of a rapidly evolving market.


Sirius Partners is proud to have signed techUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter to address this challenge. We are committed to ensuring information systems are a key enabler of integrated care.

As a signatory, Sirius Partners adheres to making information systems more open and easier to integrate, to enable the free-flow of patient information between products, and hence across the care continuum. In doing so, we are making a significant contribution to delivering the new models of integrated care set out in the Five Year Forward View that will radically transform the way patients are treated.

To find out more about the principles in the Charter please visit techUK’s website.

CCGs are failing to provide adequate oversight that care delivered by private providers is high-quality and value for money, a report has said.

Proud Sirius Partners entered in Global Opportunity Healthcare publication

Sirius Partners is proud to be entered in Global Opportunity Healthcare, a publication supported by UKTI, Healthcare UK, the NHS and other major industry bodies designed to promote the excellence of the UK healthcare sector both at home and overseas.


It was launched in January at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai and is distributed to governments, healthcare providers, every NHS organisation and major public and private clients.

Sirius Adopts Innovative Business Life-System

Sirius has adopted an innovative strategic and operational planning model called the Business Life-System (copyright 2014 Phil Trickey), to improve outcomes for the both the Sirius business and most importantly their clients.


Find out more about the Business Life-System by downloading the no-strings whitepaper: How To Write a Strategic Plan that Seriously Improves Your Business Performance.

King's Fund release Managing Quality in Community Healthcare report

December 2014

The King’s Fund report finds that although healthcare providers are focusing on quality, often there are neither the specific quality measurement systems in place nor adequate technology and data systems to monitor and manage quality.


Read the report at the King’s Fund website.

Sirius: We Can Help You Meet your QIPP Targets

October 2014

The scale of the QIPP challenge is now beyond significant.  £30bn recurring savings required; flat cash settlements; increased demand.  We are now way beyond simple tweaking to budgets, or vacancy controls.  We need a new way.


With significant senior level experience, the founding partners have seen just about everything the NHS can throw up to confound, confuse and create chaos. And as a result they have developed the CCG QIPP Accelerator to help you get back in the driving seat.   We can help you rapidly diagnose current operational and financial performance against agreed plans and make the first step to long-term delivery an easy one.


Sirius Founding Partner Phil Trickey said “The CCG QIPP Accelerator will help you to put in place credible plans and ensure progress against them is visible to all stakeholders, maximising your chances of future success.  This is a unique product that establishes a single source of QIPP performance automates programme and project reporting and improves internal capability putting you back in control and reducing risk”.

Sirius: Stop Measuring, Start Accelerating

September 2014

Sirius Partners are issuing a challenge to the NHS: it’s time to move on from measuring performance; we need to accelerate it.


Sirius, who have over 50 years NHS experience in the founding partners, have developed a unique cloud based product the CCG Performance Accelerator.  


Sirius Founding Partner Phil Trickey said “The NHS is brilliant at measuring things.  But that’s no longer enough.  It’s tough out there at the moment.  Reducing budgets, an ageing population and a QIPP programme in excess of £30 billion; and all of this needs to be aligned to the centrally set policy, regulation, guidance and target-driven agenda.


We have all been there.  And so we have developed a comprehensive business and knowledge management system for CCGs - CCG Performance Accelerator. It is a whole new way of managing your organisation.  And it works.  The accelerator gives you control by helping you make sense of a complex national agenda and achieve your business outcomes within your local health economy.”


The Sirius CCG Performance Accelerator will improve performance, save money, manage delivery and make sure that you achieve the CCG quality premium.


For a free demonstration, call us on +44 (0) 7834 800416

Sirius Secures Cutting Edge Partnership

August 2014

New consultancy Sirius Partners has successfully negotiated a unique collaboration deal with industry leading technology innovators Qorex.


Sirius, who have over 50 years NHS experience in the founding partners, have set up this deal to provide the technical expertise and product support to match their radical new approach to organisational  management.


Founding Partner Neil Stevens said “We are all very excited by this deal.  Qorex do technology better than anyone we know in this sector; and we are pretty proud of our achievements in Sirius as well. Together we can now offer NHS managers and organisations a stunning partnership, and really impressive problem solving capacity.”

“Sirius has a simple, quick and easy method that works brilliantly. 

Our approach is based on a new model and a commitment to simplicity.  We will create time for you, and free you from the constraints of a complex, often chaotic system.”


To see how Sirius can help your organisation and give you time to do your job, contact us at or on +44 (0) 7806 664603

Sirius Celebrates 50 Years in Healthcare

July 2014

A new consultancy firm with over 50 years’ experience at a senior level in the NHS showcases its services at the 2014 Commissioning Show.


Sirius Consultancy takes an entirely new approach to managing complexity in the new NHS.  With significant senior level experience, the founding partners have seen just about everything the NHS can throw up to confound, confuse and create chaos.


Founding Partner Phil Trickey said “We just want to make things simple for people.  The NHS is full of good hard working people who often feel under such huge pressure that they cannot see the wood for the trees.  We know from experience what that feels like and want to make a difference.  So we have worked on developing a radical new approach and products that will give you your time back. We have a simple, quick and easy method that works brilliantly”.


With a new understanding and a unique cloud based model, Sirius Partners have the expertise and experience to offer you a new analysis and some bespoke tools to cut through the chaos and take control again.


Contact us at or on +44 (0) 7806 664603

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