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Your Challenge

CCG Informatics Diagnostic

An information and IT health-check for CCGs

     Independent assessment.  Realistic Options.  Effective systems.                               



  • Accelerates delivery of achievable, affordable and fit-for-purpose Informatics Strategy


  • Establishes a baseline of your current position from which to plan


  • Ensures your services are comprehensive, relevant and delivered efficiently


  • Provides an independent view of the best options for the most effective and affordable service provision


  • Develops recommendations that minimise risk and maximise value, based on real experience

How our CCG Informatics Diagnostic can help you

Your Challenge

CCGs have significant information and IT requirements;


from analysis of activity data which enables effective contract management and healthcare planning,


to provision of CCG and GP IT systems and infrastructure.


All of this in the context of financial uncertainty and an evolving supplier landscape with rapid developments in new technology.


Secure and appropriate sharing of patient records across care settings is a key component in enabling delivery of more effective and efficient integrated care services, the foundation of most QIPP programmes.

CCG Informatics Diagnostic
Our Solution

Sirius Partners has designed a fixed-price informatics diagnostic service that will undertake a thorough healthcheck of your information, business intelligence and IT requirements, how they are currently fulfilled and options for more effective and efficient provision in the future.


We will consider how your Informatics services are aligned with your organisation’s business strategy, making clear recommendations for you and your stakeholders.


The diagnostic will include an assessment of opportunities for cost saving as well as recommendations where investment may be required.

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