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Your Challenge
Our Solution

Programme and Project Manager

Delivering benefits from complex organisational change

         Prioritise activities.  Control Programmes & Projects.  Realise benefits.              

Your Challenge


You face three key challenges in delivering benefits from your Programmes & Projects:


  • Scope: ensuring clear scope of what needs to be achieved and making sure it is managed


  • Complexity: implementing effective programme and project governance without bureaucracy and complexity


  • People: taking into account the ‘human factors’ of personal agendas, aspirations, relationships, priorities and emotions


A portfolio of change programmes and projects can feel like it is becoming complex, unmanageable and out of alignment with your strategic priorities.

Programme and Project Manager

Our Solution


Sirius Partners has many years' experience of successful delivery of complex multi-organisation change programmes and can bring this experience and expertise to add immediate value to your organisation.


We can help with all aspects of programme and project management including design, start-up, delivery, risk and issue management and benefits realisation.


This will ensure that you:


  • Focus on the prioritie

With finite resources it is essential that your time is spent on those activities that bring you the greatest benefit


  • Manage risks and issues

Clearly identify and mitigate your potential and actual issues


  • Ensure corporate visibility

By aligning your projects and programmes with your overall strategic priorities and ensuring effective reporting mechanisms


  • Deliver benefits

Using a structured approach which ensures rapid return on investment

How our Programme and Project Management approach will add value to you


  • Ensures alignment of project priorities with corporate objectives by working closely with your stakeholders


  • Introduces an approach based on programme and project management best-practice but customised to your specific requirements


  • Establishes effective identification and management of risks and issues, with clear escalation processes


  • Provides clear documentation to ensure effective control throughout the project life-cycle


  • Delivers skilled and experienced resources in order to ensure successful achievement of your goals

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