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For those working in the NHS, coping with restructuring and complexity, disruption and disconnect is a daily challenge.


Sirius Partners is a healthcare consultancy providing solutions that streamline and integrate; save money and improve.


Unlike other advisory services Sirius Partners insists on using resources that have direct experience of working within healthcare, so we really understand your environment and challenges.


We help you see what needs to be done and develop answers that create the outcome you need.

Sirius Partners surfaces and solves 
challenges resulting from
healthcare change and restructure facing those managing the NHS

Sirius Partners

Healthcare Consultancy

NHS Consultancy specialists


New NHS CCG performance framework includes rating for STPs

7 June 2016

CCG improvement will be assessed by an ambitious framework of 56 indicators, including ratings for sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), designed to measure their progress in delivering the Five Year Forward View from this year.


The new framework is split into four sections – ‘better health’, ‘better care’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘well led’. According to the guidance, the framework is designed to foster a supportive relationship between CCGs and local NHS teams. Read More.

Bringing together physical and mental health

10 March 2016

Until now, most efforts to promote integrated care have focused on bridging the gaps between health and social care or between primary and secondary care. But the NHS five year forward view has highlighted a third dimension – bringing together physical and mental health. This report makes a compelling case for this ‘new frontier’ for integration.

9 February 2016

The NHS is expected to deliver efficiencies of 2-3% per year, effectively setting a 10-15% real terms cost reduction target for achievement by April 2021. The Lord Carter Report concludes that across all of the main resource areas, in non-specialised acute hospitals, there is significant unwarranted variation worth £5bn in terms of efficiency opportunity.

Sirius brings the right balance of technical rigour and organisational awareness

13 January 2016

We are proud of this excellent testimonial from Bristol Community Health. I can thoroughly recommend Sirius Partners.  Neil Stevens takes a proactive, personable approach which engages staff across disciplines and grades.   In undertaking a review of our organisation’s Informatics Strategy they fully engaged the Board, Senior Management Team and staff in planning and executing the work, responding quickly and comprehensively to feedback around our specific needs and timescales. 

Sirius Adopts Innovative Business Life-System

January 2015

Sirius adopts innovative strategic and operational planning model called the Business Life-System to improve outcomes for Sirius business and clients.

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